Tax Services

Article 23A of UUD 1945 (1945 Indonesian Constitution) describes Taxation in Indonesia. It is an enforceable contribution on all Indonesian citizens, residents, and foreign nationals who have lived for 183 accumulative days within a period of 12 month or are present for at least one day with intent to remain.


At Establish Indonesia, we offer a range of best taxation services in Indonesia including corporate/Individual tax planning & preparation, resolving payroll tax issues, preparation & filing of tax returns, BIR audit assistance, BIR reconciliation, Tax compliance, ITR audit, and Tax consulting & advising. We are here to handle all your complex issues related to taxation and make even complex tax filing & returns. One of the best firms offering Tax return services in Indonesia, Establish Indonesia is here to make a difference and handle all your tax related issues in an efficient manner.


To meet the business needs of taxpayers and corporations, we are also engaged in rendering customized taxation services in Indonesia to assure each of your needs is taken care of. Moreover, our experts also keep a track and scrutinize everything perfectly while rendering taxation solutions to make sure everything remains error free. Abreast with all the latest tax laws, regulations and advancements, our team makes sure that our clients receive qualitative & reliable taxation services.


Eight fundamental taxation laws of Indonesia


  • General Provisions and Taxation Procedures Law “Undang-undang Ketentuan Umum dan Tatacara Perpajakan/UUKUTp”
  • Income Tax Law (“Undang-undang Pajak Penghasilan/UU PPh”)
  • Value Added Tax VAT termed ‘Goods and Services and Sales Tax on Luxury Goods’ (“Undang-undang Pajak Pertambahan Nilai atas Barang dan Jasa dan Pajak Penjualan atas Barang Mewah”/UU PPN/PPn BM )
  • Land Tax and Building Tax (“Undang-undang Pajak Bumi dan Bangunan – UU PBB”)
  • Warrant for Tax Collection (“Undang-undang Penagihan Pajak dengan Surat Paksa/UU PPSP”)
  • Fees for Acquisition of Rights to Lands and Buildings (“Undang-undang Bea Perolehan Hak atas Tanah dan Bangunan/UU BPHTB”)
  • Tax Court Law (“Undang-undang Pengadilan Pajak/UU PP”)
  • Stamp Duty (“Undang-undang Bea Meterai/UU BM”)
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