Payroll Services

The payroll of a company is one of the most crucial and totally indispensable aspect of the firm’s operations. Having an efficiently managed payroll system helps companies to manage their finances-keeping them balanced and the internal financial objectives of the organization on the right track.


Moreover, a sound payroll system is also responsible for the timely distribution of salaries of employees which in turn has tremendous impact on morale of the employees. And, if you lack the right resources or an efficient payroll department, then it is surely going to affect the functioning of your business in the near future.


With reliable Payroll Services in Indonesia offered at Establish Indonesia, you can hire the most experienced professionals of the industry to take care of your finances including management &distribution.Having the right payroll services for your business can actually help you to gain high potential in return. We understand our responsibility towards our clients and thus have a wide network of professional and individual department for labor & social insurance managed & controlled by certified experts in the area. Additionally, we take utmost care while rendering our services to make sure everything happens in a lawful manner under proper security.


We also aid offshore businesses to understanding the Payroll system in Indonesia and handle their Indonesian branches perfectly with our customized solutions for their part time or temporary needs.Each of our payroll operations is adherent to the compensation and taxation laws of Indonesia.


Payroll services offered sat Establish Indonesia includes:


  • Preparation of monthly employee payroll
  • Deposit slips
  • Payroll ledger
  • Expatriates payroll in Indonesia
  • HR/Labor consulting
  • Legal reporting of newly hired & resigned employees to the agencies, as stipulated by Indonesia legislation.


We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.